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Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede


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Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve dreamt up this scene.


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My Jensen obsession   169/∞     Dean + Season 9    (part 1)

For 169 I figured I’d do a few of the hottest Dean gifs from S9…Season 9 really was season fine. OMFG. Jensen gets hotter every second. I can’t… He is just so damn HOT and sexy and so perfect. Words can’t even describe how gorgeous he is. JFC. #pure sex. I Can’t imagine how good he is going to look in Season 10…we might all burst into flames.

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Presenting the new A&E original series Epic Ink.  The staff brings comics, cartoons and fantasy to life with unique ink ranging from portraiture to hyper-realism, to geek-culture mash-ups.

Watch the trailer and don’t miss the premiere this Wednesday, August 20th at 10:30/9:30c.

Original epic artwork done by the legendary Star Wars/Lucasfilm artist Steve Anderson!


These almond cookies are very aggressive.



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i want to take baths with you and hold your dumb hand and rent movies and watch those movies in your bed in our underwear at like 3 in the morning and i want to kiss your stupid face and cook you food and maybe fuck 7 times a night idnno.

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Had an amazing surprise date with my wonderful boyfriend last night. #boyfriend #harveygap #racinggames #picnic #nofilter #beautiful #colorado

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